Here are the super hero milestones you can use to track your child's progress.

Approaches to Learning

Logical, Mathematical & Scientific Knowledge

Health &
Physical Well-Being

Language, Communication & Literacy Knowledge

Social & Emotional Development

I want to explore a variety of activities and I want to learn. I am creative and independent. I can start and finish activities, which means I pay attention and am persistent. I am interested in and want to join in group experiences.
I recognize a problem and choose a way to solve it based on my experiences. I know things can be represented by symbols, -like numbers can take the place of real objects. I know some shapes and can compare sizes. Observing, talking about and describing the things I see in the world is important. Often, I ask questions, make a best guess about what will happen and form a conclusion based on what I've experienced.
I participate in structured and unstructured physical activities like swimming lessons or riding a bike. I can walk, skip, run, climb, hop, throw, and pedal. I eat a variety of foods and know about staying safe in different settings. Also, I manipulate small things, like snaps, zippers, toys, blocks, pages in a book, pencils or other tools.
I use my language in conversations, songs and stories. I follow simple directions. I understand various words and how they are used. I know that language is broken up into smaller parts like words and syllables, and that a sound is made by a letter or letters working together. I use spoken language by asking questions, giving comments or explaining something I saw or experienced. Some children I know speak more than one language. I get meaning from stories. I show an interest in books and know how they work. I like to experiment with writing tools and materials which I use to show you what I saw, what I know or how I feel.
I have positive relationships with adults and children within and outside of my family. I cooperate with others and have friendships. I can recognize and label my feelings, often showing empathy or that I care or am concerned about others. I can put myself in others' place so that I see things from their perspective. I express sympathy to friends and family. I have a strong sense of self. I am independent, make decisions and have confidence appropriate for my age. I am learning to control my feelings, attention and behavior. I am learning to work through my feelings in a positive way being helpful instead of hurtful.
Early Development
Provide me with experiences that connect me to the world around me.
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