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What is School Readiness?
Here in Natrona County, our state and country, school readiness has become a valued focus for future success. A strong readiness foundation is essential for a child's success in his or her first year of school and beyond.

We know that the early years of healthy growth and development have a huge impact on a child's learning and success in school. You are your child's first teacher! Your child's development is influenced by a blend of interactions in families, their early learning environments, and their community. What a powerful time! It is the power of early learning.

How do I get a Readiness Kit?
Readiness kits can be requested on the Contact Us tab. Ready League partners will be at various community functions and at schools in our county. Look for readiness kits at these events, too.

Where do I find openings for preschool or childcare?
If you have questions about preschools in the elementary schools, during the school year visit the school office. If is during summer break, please visit the Enrollment Office at 920 S. Beverly. Call 253-3195 if you have questions about enrolling your child. There will be an enrollment form for you to fill out.

If seeking other preschools or child care, go to FAMILY HUB at www.familyhubnatrona.com to find information on licensed programs and search for the programs that meet your family's particular needs. Our Ready League partners are there ready to welcome you!

Where can I find more materials that share what to expect in kindergarten?
Many of our Ready League partners have brochures available on this topic. The Child Development Center, Head Start, elementary schools and private preschool providers have "A Parent's Guide to Kindergarten Readiness" available.

The Natrona County School District has information on just this question! Please follow this link to know more about what kindergarten looks like and expectations. There are specific ideas for you to do with your child at home together.
Where can I get my child screened to check on their growth and development?
The Child Development Center (CDC) offers FREE developmental screenings for children birth through age five. Ideally, your child needs one screening before the age of two, since 90% of brain development occurs early in life; and one before the age of five. Developmental screenings are a quick assessment to make sure that a child is on track and meeting developmental milestones. Make YOUR child's screening appointment today – it's fast, it's fun and it's free! Simply give CDC a call at 235-5097 to set up a convenient appointment.

What if I want more education or training on working with my preschooler? What are my options?
The Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council has a helpful document titled Wyoming Early Learning Foundations. Many of our Ready League partners and early childhood providers have training in these foundational skills (we call ELF's). Here is a link to that information.

There will be Parent Nights available at many preschools and early care provider's sites. Ask your child's teacher for one that might be happening at a site near you! We will also have information on these trainings on this site.

How and when do we register for kindergarten? Is there a screening for kindergarten that tells me if my child is ready?
Starting in January, screenings and registration will occur for kindergarten. As that time approaches, you may call 253-5200 to make an appointment for your child to have a brief screening assessment. It is important that ALL kindergartners participate in screening prior to being assigned to a school.
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A strong readiness foundation is essential for a child's success in his or her first year of school and beyond.
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